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Artist revamps a toilet seat with Louis Vuitton bags

An artist has recently created a unique fully functional commode. The specialty about this particular piece is that it is made from Louis Vuitton bags, which costed around $15,000 (Rs. 9,80,000 approximately).If you want to purchase this beautiful and functioning art piece then all you need to do is shell out ‘just’ $100,000 (Rs. 65,40,000 approximately).

Created by artist Illma Gore, the product is featured on re-sale on site and showroom Tradesy. The website selling the product describes it as, ‘Loo-uis Vuitton Toilet by Tradesy x ILLMA GORE featured in the Tradesy showroom. She worked for three months and used 24 different bags valued at $15,000 total, including a $3,000 suitcase, to make the fully functioning potty.’

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