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The Umbrella Academy is a light hearted Netflix series

The new series of Netflix, The Umbrella Academy has received a lot of critical appreciation and is said to be an entertaining series.

Its plot is such that will leave the viewers laughing. It starts with a bunch of women getting pregnant and giving birth to babies with special powers. All these babies are adopted by an entrepreneur. The set forwards to the future and witnesses that the children have grown up and parted their ways. The entrepreneur is said to be dead due to natural reasons and this incident brings all the superheroes together. Coroner finds this death normal until one of them who plays the character of Luther Hargreeves senses something being wrong. The others don’t care about it.┬áThe children got their names from their foster mother. The entrepreneur had all the knowledge about the children and the superpowers they possessed.

According to crirics, the first episode of the series is quite entertaining. The entire series has a lot of elements of action, thriller and a bit of family drama.

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