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Karl Lagerfeld dies at the age of 85

Karl Lagerfeld unwell for two weeks before his death in a Paris hospital. He was around 85 years old. Chanel’s iconic couturier, Karl Lagerfeld, whose accomplished designs as well as trademark white ponytail, high starched collars and dark enigmatic glasses dominated high fashion for the last 50 years. He joined Chanel as a couturier in 1983 and spent 36 years working for the company. Lagerfeld worked tirelessly until the end, giving instructions to his teams for the Fendi fall ready-to-wear collection, due to take place in Milan on Thursday. Arguably, for the stylistic god, to design was to breathe, “so if I can’t breathe, I’m in trouble,” he often quipped to journalists who were astonished by his inexhaustible work ethic and his insistence that he would never retire.



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