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Shantanu Maheshwari starrer ‘Medically Yourss’ receives critical appreciation

ALT Balaji has come up with a ten-episode series, Medically Yourrs. The series is all about the life of the students of a medical college. The Puncch Bear series was all set in a high school. It had a concept of studies which was absolutely alien to its students and teachers. To bring in some sense and realism to a student’s life, the OTT platform has now come up with a ten-episode series, Medically Yourrs.

Medically Yours does not show life of rich students where boys show off their well built body and girls roam around in fancy clothes. It also does not show the rich people dominating the middle class students. The first two episodes has its moments but it eventually becomes tiring to watch.

The story goes like, Abir Basu (Shantanu Maheshwari) is an unemotional and calm boy who is born in a family of doctors. His father played by Bijay Anand, also who is the best surgeon in town, wants him to be a doctor while he aspires to be a musician. Nibedita (Nityami Shirke) is Abir’s childhood friend but also his biggest competition and his father’s favourite. To eliminate his competition forever, Abir plays his tricks and tries to bring down Nibedita by setting her up with college dropout Akash. Meanwhile, he finds a way of getting better grades by giving sexual favours to his teacher played by Shruti Bapna.

The series is directed by Abhijit Das. The series offers us to see a wide variety of students ranging from bookworms to party animals to achievers and more.

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