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Anushka Sharma becomes the first producer to have waste segregation on set

Anushka Sharma is known to have strong beliefs in environment friendly practices and the actress goes out of her way to do her bit. During the pandemic, Anushka activated the practice of waste segregation on the sets of the projects greenlit by her production house Clean Slate Filmz and she, thus she has become the first producer to do so. 

Anushka Sharma

Talking about the initiative Anushka said, “Waste segregation at film shoots can make a world of difference and I’m glad that we could implement this on the sets of our production ventures. Protecting the environment is the need of the hour and the industry can contribute immensely towards the cause and also raise enough awareness on the same. We had realized the need to segregate waste to be of utmost importance a while back and I’m happy that we could do this even while we are in the middle of the pandemic.”

Anushka’s brother Karnesh who is also a stakeholder in the production house reveals there was a need to take this environment-forward decision. “Anushka and I started Clean Slate Filmz with the intent to make a difference at various touch points. One such area to focus for us has always been to reduce waste on film sets. Segregation of waste is the need of the hour and we decided to take all necessary steps to make this happen.”

He added, “The industry, as a whole, is always open to incorporating all the best practices from global film-making industries, as well as create new norms that are unique to film-making in India. We can set an example for our community by doing such small things that can lead to big, impactful, positive changes. Clean Slate Filmz wanted to usher in the culture of waste segregation on sets so that we can do our bit for the environment. As an industry, we are constantly trying to do better and we are certain that this will become a norm at shoots going forward.” Well, we laud this brother-sister duo for consciously making an effort to make the film industry environment friendly. 

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