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Here’s How Shraddha Kapoor Got On Board For Chaalbaaz In London

Here's How Shraddha Kapoor Got On Board For Chaalbaaz In London

Shraddha Kapoor is one actress who is slowly but surely moving ahead in her career in the world of movies. The actress has been a part of several hit films and her performance in them has been appreciated by one and all. Shraddha will next be seen in Chaalbaaz in London and more. In a recent chat with a leading daily, Chaalbaaz’s director Pankaj Parashar revealed why he cast Shraddha for the role. He has also directed the original Chaalbaaz and has repeatedly been quoted saying that Chaalbaaz in London is not its remake, but a different film altogether.

Talking about casting Shraddha for the role, he said, “Shraddha has 64M followers on Insta, isn’t she hugely popular? But it is always the performance of an actor that he/she has given in a film or audition that gravitates the maker towards the actor. I loved Shraddha in that scene from Sajid Nadiadwala’s Baaghi (directed by Ahmed Khan) wherein she changes from one character- two diametrically opposite behaviours- to another in a flash of a second.”

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