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Vicky Kaushal recalls losing an ad because of his looks

Exclusive: Vicky Kaushal recalls losing an ad because of his looks

The more you look at Vicky Kaushal on and off the screen, the more memorised he leaves you. He’s the classic tall, dark and handsome hunk who makes women weak in his knees with not just his looks but also his introverted and shy personality. He’s proved his mettle on the big screen and he’s gathered love and praise from all around. 

Now, if you look at him, you can’t help but think, “Well, he’s hot.” But Vicky remembers a time when he auditioned for a deodorant ad and didn’t get it because of his looks and physique. Talking to Filmfare about an audition, he said, “I still remember there was an ad film audition for a deodorant and this is the time when all you had to do was spray it on your body and have girls falling all over you. You need a great physique and good looks. I went there with no physique and no looks. I knocked on the door and the casting director opened it. I asked him whether if I was fit for the audition and he didn’t say if I was fit, he said, “It’s an ad film for a deodorant,” and I had to understand that he meant no but I was stubborn. So I asked again and he told me to come in. So I went in and it was a small room with a hundred boys and every one was in great shape and good looking. I was sitting there like an under confident fellow and I was like, “I’m not getting this job, so let me just enjoy it and go for it.” So, I went and did all I could and performed. I obviously didn’t get it.”

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