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The meteoric rise of Kranti Shanbhag in the world of movies, music and a lot more.

 The name Kranti Shanbhag today is synonymous with fame and out and out success. With a string of genius ideas and sharp business acumen, the ex-Vice President of a top Indian Bank Kranti Shanbhag turned his focus towards his passion for making movies. Kranti Shanbhag soon quit his high-held position at the Bank and pursued his dream and became a movie producer. Having produced 2 immensely successful Punjabi movies, one starring the legendary Jackie Shroff. 

Kranti Shanbhag
Kranti Shanbhag with Sohail Khan

With his astute sense of business and connections in the movie and music industry, Kranti Shanbhag also forayed into making music albums. This gave birth to his music label RD Beats Originals. Kranti Shanbhag’s RD Beats Originals soon started churning hits after hits and has millions of views on YouTube as well. Kranti Shanbhag is also an investor in various startups and business ventures and just like the movies and music albums he produces, even in the business arena, he is known to give budding talents and business robust support. 

Kranti Shanbhag with Honey Singh

With over two decades of experience, Kranti Shanbhag has worked in different genres of the industry. He started his career as an Associate Vice President with a renowned Bank, he moved on to producing movies and music albums and even CIFA awards. A well known personality in the glamor circuit, Kranti Shanbhag has frequently been a jury member and a front row member of various fashion events and pageants. With his deep interest in the glamor industry and a keen eye for talent, Kranti Shanbhag is also associated with India’s most prestigious beauty pageant Miss Fabb India as an elite jury member and a mentor.

Kranti Shanbhag has time and again proved his penchant for producing spectacular movies and music singles under his music label RD Beats Originals. While most had taken a break during the pandemic, Kranti Shanbhag was busy preparing and planning for a slew of new music videos. Known to be a gogetter, the ex-banker Kranti Shanbhag is believed to create magic in whatever he does.

Kranti Shanbhag with Mika Singh

Extremely hardworking, Kranti Shanbhag is looked up by industry peers be it Sajid Bhai (Sajid-Wajid fame) or Mika SIngh. Kranti Shanbhag’s body of work has made him earn this respect in the film and music fraternity. Kranti Shanbhag has been one of the driving forces in promoting new talent and giving the talented and deserving a break through his music label RD Beats Originals. 

Understanding the nuances of the movie and music industry, Kranti Shanbhag with resonance has now ventured into the OTT platform producing Web series backed by riveting scripts and strong performers. The success of Kranti Shanbhag’s ventures is epitomized by the determined leadership and foresight of Kranti Shanbhag. Touted to get success in whatever he does, Kranti Shanbhag on any given day is seen engrossed in work and his various ventures for 12 to 14 hours. Such is the magnanimous journey from an ex-banker to a movie and music album producer, to being one of the most respected and sought after personalities in the fraternity. Kranti Shanbhag’s journey is equal parts determination and hard-work. When asked for his best venture or his best work, Kranti Shanbhag coyly mentions, “The best is yet to come”… 

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