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An account of Kranti Shanbhag the proud and passionate owner of Arcs Andheri of T20 Mumbai cricket league

Kranti Shanbhag

Cricket is a passion of many India’s. But here is an account of Kranti Shanbhag the man who took his passion of cricket to another level altogether. Meet Kranti Shanbhag the owner of Arcs Andheri in the Mumbai Cricket Association backed T20 Mumbai cricket tournament. This is no ordinary cricket tournament. It is endorsed by the legend Sachin Tendulkar himself. Owning a team in a league of such repute is no mean task. But that’s what mettle Kranti Shanbhag is made of. 

The man of many parts Kranti Shanbhag is a prominent movie producer and music label owner – RD Beats Originals. Not just Bollywood, Kranti Shanbhag is celebrated in the Punjabi movie fraternity as well. Not just that, this ex-banker also owns a cricket team in the MCA backed Mumbai T20 cricket league. His team Arcs Andheri have had an impressive performance season after season in the league.  

Kranti Shanbhag, Sohail Khan,

Aimed at bringing the best local cricket talent of Mumbai under a common umbrella, T20 Mumbai is a league to identify, develop and promote cricketers at the grassroots level. T20 Mumbai will provide more structure to the cricket scene in the city and endeavor to build a platform for bringing the future superstars of the sport together.

Krranti Shanbhag and his team Arcs Andheriare no rookie team in the cricketing arena. An ex banker Krranti Shanbhag continually had excelled as a banker and turned into a pinnacle role at one of the global’s biggest Banks. Krranti Shanbhag has usually been a move-getter and is said to be a man with a Midas touch. His decision making competencies and eye for element and talent are 2d to none. Krranti Shanbhag is one man who excels in varied fields and has received several awards in not simply the movie enterprise but additionally in the corporate world. After dabbling successfully in various business ventures in varied fields, Krranti laid eyes on the cricket field. Being passionate about cricket right from an early age and being someone who not only watches the game but lives the game, Krranti’s fervor for Cricket is intense. 

Krranti’s passion for cricket transcends beyond boundaries (no pun intended) and he envisions to make his team Arcs Andheri the best team in T20 Mumbai and secure the future of the players of Arcs Andheri and manifest their dreams in the world of cricket. Krrani Shanbhag has done a phenomenal job in giving the players of Arcs Andheri a humongous platform such as T20 Mumbai which is endorsed by the Mumbai Cricket Association and is broadcasted not just in India, but globally on sports channels such as ESPN and Star Sports. 

Krranti Shanbhag owner Arcs Andheri

Krranti Shabhag known for his fervor of cricket is often consulted by other team owners of the T20 Mumbai cricket league as they look to match the enthusiasm and passion that Krranti Shanbhag exhibits towards the game of cricket. Owning a cricket team at a prestigious league such as the T20 Mumbai, rubbing shoulders with the legends of the cricketing world and to influence his team to excel is no mean task. However, Krranti Shanbhag owner of Arcs Andheri cricket team at the T20 Mumbai not only outshines in this sphere, but hits it out of the park, literally and figuratively. Take a bow Krranti Shanbhag and his team Arcs Andheri.

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