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Fitness trainer to Fashion model and winning Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 – Roop Tiwari’s incredible journey to the Miss Fabb crown

Roop Tiwari Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022

A striking contrast from the so-called “macho” world of fitness and gymnastics to being the demure yet confident winner of Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 Roop Tiwari’s journey is quite beguiling. 

From muscles and fitness to make-up and fashionable outfits, Roop Tiwari, Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 winner had to find a sweet spot to balance both worlds. Being a fitness enthusiast and a participant in various fitness and muscle-building competitions, the world of beauty pageants was a completely different domain for Roop Tiwari. When she appeared for the audition for Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 even though she was confident she was perplexed at this whole new world of beauty and glamour. 

Roop Tiwari Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 winner

Being an ardent follower of Sadguru, Roop goes by Sadguru’s famous quote, “Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen ”. Well, not only did Roop Tiwari follow this quote but also brought it to life by winning the title of Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022. An absolute people person, Roop Tiwari had become the favorite of her fellow contestants. Giving fitness tips to the contestants to giving them life lessons that she learned from the internationally acclaimed Indian Yogi and Guru-Sadguru. 

Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 winner is Roop Tiwari

Roop Tiwari, winner of Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 despite being a coach herself, was keen on learning the ramp walk, posing techniques, and other such things that would make her a successful model and beauty pageant winner. Her infectious personality and calm demeanor could be felt with even just a single interaction with her. Roop Tiwari not just looked strikingly beautiful but won several hearts with her personality and outlook on life. 

When asked how she would use the title of Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022, Roop Tiwari said that through this enormous medium – Miss Fabb would spread love, positivity, and the teachings of Sadguru to the youth of the country. Roop Tiwari believes in harmony, peace, and love and that is what she would like to preach using this medium of Miss Fabb. 

Now as she looks back at her journey of Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 she believes that besides her passion and hard work, it is her belief in Sadguru’s teaching that helped manifest this dream of winning Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022. Coming from strikingly opposite worlds, Roop Tiwari believes that if it hadn’t been for her discipline and learning that this impossible feat would have not been possible. 

As she basks in the glory of being Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022, Roop Tiwari has been a role model not just for her fellow contestants but also for future aspirants of Miss Fabb. Roop Tiwari, winner of Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 broke all barriers and emerged successful. From muscle building to posing confidently wearing designer outfits, Roop Tiwari did it all with class and elan. 

That’s the account of Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 winner Roop Tiwari, an inspiring woman of substance who came, saw and who conquered.  

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