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BTS’ Jimin enacts his worried handshake with President Joe Biden in new Bangtan Bomb: ‘He’s wonderful tall’

BTS Jimin at the White House

Prior to the release of their album, Proof, BTS had visited President Joe Biden in May at The White House to speak about hate crimes against Asians. In a new Bangtan Bomb, we see the members preparing, and as usual clowning around before their trip—and even quietly at the White House. At one point, Jungkook jokes about just answering with one phrase to avoid more questions, while the others can’t stop laughing. They expressed their anxiousness and felt like ‘a bundle of nerves’, but J-Hope maintained that thankfully, they were glad that they were all together as they could share the pressure.

While waiting in one of the rooms, V and Jungkook tried acting out scenes from Kingsman, but unfortunately Jungkook forgot the dialogue, ‘Manners maketh a man’. In another part of the clip, Jin felt embarrassed that he got AANHPI wrong, as the others had tried to confuse him before he went to speak at the podium. Jin also had trouble pronouncing Heritage Month, and got some lessons from RM

After meeting Biden, Jimin said he was glad that the US President spoke slower in English so he could understand. However, he didn’t realise how tall Biden was, and so when he shook his hand, Jimin recalled, “We were up close like this. He’s super tall as well!”

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