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When Madhuri Dixit received ‘full jhaad’ from her mother, she was told she couldn’t go to work unless she made her bed.

Terence Lewis recalls how Madhuri Dixit was scolded by her mother.

Choreographer Terence Lewis recalled the time he was training Madhuri Dixit, and once witnessed her being scolded by her mother at their house. He said that she kept yelling at Madhuri in chaste Marathi, giving her ‘jhaad’ for not making her bed and several other things. Terence said that he was ‘blown (away)’ by this, and was in awe of how Madhuri’s mother kept her grounded, despite her stardom.

Speaking on Maniesh Paul’s podcast, Terence Lewis revealed that his mother was rather strict and that’s what kept him grounded. Speaking about Madhuri, he said that he once went to her house to train her in her ‘prime’. “I was only 23. I went to her house, and this is 1998, in the midst of Dil Toh Paagal Hai and all that. She called me home, and I was nervous that I was going to be her trainer. She opened the door and I thought it was her staff at first, but her staff was asleep. I had been training other, lesser stars at the time, and they had several house helps.”

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