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Kriti Sanon’s mother explains why she didn’t want her daughter to appear in Karan Johar’s Lust Stories: ‘It was only about orgasm…’

Kriti Sanon with her mother Geeta Sanon

Actor Kriti Sanon’s mother, Geeta Sanon, explained her decision on why she did not want Kriti to star in Karan Johar’s short film that featured in the 2018 Netflix anthology, Lust Stories. Earlier on Koffee with Karan this year, Kriti had revealed that her mother had been against her starring in the feature, as it focussed entirely on female sexual pleasure.

In an interview to India Today, Kriti explained her mother’s stance saying, “It was a short film, not a full-fledged film, so my mother said it was a 20-minute thing about only a female orgasm. ‘If you doing a 20-minute thing in a full-fledged film, that would make sense’. That was the whole discussion, so I felt like maybe, I shouldn’t.” Kriti’s mother explained, “I thought we would not be comfortable seeing her doing such a scene at the beginning of her career. It’s about orgasm, only.” Kriti added, “I think her problem was more that it was a short film. I don’t think there’s anything wrong, but how it will be made, how it will look, maybe like Karan said, if he had talked to my mother, it would have been alright.”Also Read |Koffee With Karan 7 promo: Tiger Shroff says he envies Ranveer Singh, Kriti Sanon reveals she auditioned for Student Of The Year

During her appearance on Koffee with Karan, Kriti had revealed that she said no to several roles because her mother would not allow it. On the show, Kriti said, “My mom said no to your (Karan Johar) role because she was not comfortable with the nature of the script, given the focus of it was only on sensual scenes. That is why she said better not to do it.” Karan’s segment in the 2018 anthology Lust Stories, which starred Vicky Kaushal, showed a scene where the female lead has an orgasm in front of her family members. The role later went to Kiara Advani.

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