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What?70% of fans don’t want Ronaldo in starting lineup against Switzerland in the last-16, Portuguese newspaper poll ‘This is no CR7; it’s CR37’

A survey carried out by the Portuguese sports newspaper A Bola reveals that 70% of the fans do not want Cristiano Ronaldo in the starting eleven of the national team against Switzerland in the final 16 game.

And the cookie crumbles. Ronaldo might have been divisive figure elsewhere in the world but seemed to always have the confidence of his country. This world cup, things have been unravelling a touch. First it was the sports writers who began to question his presence, nitpick. And how the fans too.

A Bola conducted a survey: Should Cristiano Ronaldo keep his title in the National Team? The newspaper claimed that 70 percent of readers who polled said they don’t want Ronaldo to start.

“What is the reason, why have you been a starter? He wasn’t a starter at the club, he’s not in shape, he says he wants to fight for titles, but every 7 days he’s sick, he doesn’t feel like training, whatever the excuse. .Such rude, I’ve never seen!”

A supporter too propped up.

“Portugal in doubt? Why? The time we talk about Ronaldo. Everyone wants to see him fall… but in Portugal we have a leader, a champion, a winner. Never has a Portuguese been so scared as him. Ronaldo is not just the goals. Only to his presence give freedom to others. His World Cup will start now.”

A gist of the ire was posted by another.

“He shouldn’t have even been called up after everything that happened in Manchester. He had the opportunity to be the leader in this selection, but he is being an obstacle. He’s crumbling the image he’s built of himself. Lose him and lose the selection. This is no longer CR7, it’s CR37.”

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