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Disha patani ‘HOT’ swimming look

Disha Patani’s “random” beach days are thrice as stylish even when her holiday is long gone.Disha Patani use up all her beach day memories for throwback posts when the time arises. Well, thanks to her, we’re transported to the nearest beach along as well. Her very “random” throwback series include snippets of the beaches of Maldives and Dubai, one better than the other. You can’t speak of beaches and Disha Patani without including her very bikini-clad self in the picture. One can never have enough of Disha Patani and she certainly can’t possibly have enough of her bikinis in paradise. Three is a charm for us because we get a glimpse of not one but three fabulous bikini sets, in three different settings. Seems like a good day for us! The rust fringed bikini is a stylish throwback to her time at the white sandy beaches of Maldives, where she would spend the most of her balmy summer afternoons at.It looks like candy but then it is the festive season after all and who doesn’t love a little candy cane stirrer. Disha Patani took that memo to the nearest pool. When in Dubai, Disha Patani’s halter candy bikini for a dip and we all can safely say that when it comes to Disha Patani’s beach holidays, she knows exactly how to get her tropical fix.

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