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Malaika Arora reveals she saw her ex husband first after her accident surgery

Malaika Arora met with an accident earlier this year. After her surgery, her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan was among the first ones she saw.Bollywood actress Malaika Arora met with an unfortunate car accident earlier this year. The actress suffered serious injury following her accident. With the right treatment on time, Malaika recovered. Recently, on her reality show Moving In With Malaika, the actress opened up about her accident at length. She also revealed how her ex-husband, Arbaaz Khan, was there after her surgery. Recalling the incident, Malaika told Farah Khan that Arbaaz was one of the ‘first faces’ she saw after her surgery.


Recalling the phase after her surgery, Malaika said, “When I was wheeled out one of the first faces that I saw was actually Arbaaz, at that moment. And he kept asking me, ‘Can you see? How many numbers? How many fingers?’ And I was like ‘why is he doing this?’ It was very strange. For a second, I was like, okay, ‘have I gone back in time?’ Something that really sticks out is in difficult times. You know that irrespective, whatever it may be, past, present, future, jo bhi ho (whatever happened), the way he was there.”The actress also spoke about the moment she met with the accident. For a moment, Malaika thought she was disfigured. The Bollywood starlet even felt she lost her eyesight because she couldn’t see anything for a couple of hours.

“There was so much glass shard in my eye and there was blood, so I couldn’t see. For me, at that moment, I genuinely thought that I don’t think I will survive and I may not see Arhaan again. I was taken to hospital, surgery happened, etc.,” she added.


Malaika Arora was married to Arbaaz Khan for nearly 18 years. The duo announced their separation in 2016 and they officially got divorced in 2017. They are proud parents of their son, Arhaan Khan.

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