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Maanvi Gagroo’s AM and PM skincare routine, exclusively

Maanvi Gagroo loves to try out quirky makeup trends and has learnt some great hacks on the job. We caught up with her to find out what are some products she swears by and what are some tips she’d give to people starting out with make-up and skincare.

What’s your go-to glam makeup look?

Winged liner and red lips. 

What’s your AM and PM skincare routine?

AM is usually a little bit of serum, face cream and sunscreen. Sun screen is something I have become very disciplined about. Earlier I used to take it lightly. Unless I was going to the beach, I wouldn’t wear sunscreen. Now if I’m going out, I use it. For PM, I use night serums.

Your favourite skincare products…

Aloe vera gel, it’s something I have recently discovered. It works for my skin. I apply it on my face and sleep. It does get sticky but there’s a crazy glow in the morning. A cheek and lip tint is something I always have in my bag because it elevates my face. You don’t need a lot, just a dab. Kumkumadi oil is another one. I use it at night. 

Your favourite makeup products…

Eye liners… I love different colours like blue and pink. Another product that’s become my new favourite is an illuminator. It’s like your base, the foundation you put before your makeup or you apply it separately and it gives you a glow. 

Some hair care tips you swear by…

There’s an onion hair mask that did wonders for my hair. I’m horrible with haircare. The extent of my hair care was getting a champi from my mother. I’m not a big fan of hair spas because there are a lot of chemicals that go in my hair anyway, so I don’t like adding more.

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