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Pankaj Tripathi explains why for him, art comes before money.

Pankaj Tripathi has delivered some pretty impressive performances over the years. Be it a feature film or a web series, the actor has managed to make a significant impact on every platform and it seems like he is in no mood to slow down.

Even though Tripathi is in a good phase of his career at the moment, he too has seen plenty of highs and lows. However, the experiences have taught the actor that his art will always come above money. During an interview with a leading daily, Tripathi revealed, “I am content with whatever I have with me. I am satisfied and I have conditioned myself such that my needs are limited. Hence, I don’t worry if I lose on endorsements or film projects. You should work for love primarily and I often let go of lucrative offers if they don’t match with my value system.”

The actor explains that he only picks projects which appeal to his vision. He revealed, “I am a sentimental man who decides from his heart and works for the sheer joy of art. I am thankfully past that phase where I worked for survival. Quality is important to me and I want my work to create a rich legacy that will inspire many more artists like me. At this point in my life, if I work for anything except for the power of the stories that appeal to me, I’d be inauthentic to myself. I am happy with work coming my way. I am associating with collaborators who are making me better. And that’s enough to ensure I get a good night’s sleep. Aur kya chahiye!”

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