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Rubina Dilaik’s Car Meets with an Accident: Actress Escapes Unharmed

Rubina Dilaik’s car was involved in an accident, leaving fans deeply concerned about her well-being. Husband Abhinav Shukla took to Twitter and revealed about Rubina’s accident.

In a shocking turn off events popular television actress’s car was involved in a serious accident earlier today. How ever the good news that actress manages to escape the incident without any major injuries.

The accident occur’s in the afternoon when Rubina Dilaik, known for her role in a popular show such as “Shakti -Astitiva Ke Ehsaas Ki” and her recent on the reality show “Big Boss” was travelling in a car, details regarding exact location and circumstance leading up to the accident are still emerging.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that Rubina’s with another vehicle resulting in damage to both vehicles involved. The impact of the collision was reportedly severe, leaving the onlookers in shock

Fortunately, Rubina was wearing a seat belt at the time of accident, which undoubtedly played a crucial role in preventing more serious injuries. Sources close to the actress has confirmed that she was immediately taken to the nearby hospital for a thorough medical check up to ensure there were no head injuries or complications.

Rubina known for her resilient spirit has been known to face challenging head on both on screen and off screen. This incident and however, servers as a reminder that accent can happen to anyone regardless of just celebrity status

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