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Hussain Kuwajerwala reacts to Mini Mathur’s claim that they were asked to ‘create moments’ on Indian Idol: ‘That’s our job’

Hussain Kuwajerwala talks about returning as the host of Indian Idol and his former co-host Mini Mathur’s comment that the reality on such shows was ‘constructed’ by the makers.

Hussain Kuwajerwala responds to Mini Mathur’s statement about being urged to ‘create moments’ on Indian Idol: ‘That’s part of our role.’

Hussain Kuwajerwala responds to Mini Mathur’s statement about being urged to ‘create moments’ on Indian Idol: ‘That’s part of our role.’

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It’s a homecoming for Hussain Kuwajerwala, as he takes on the job of hosting Indian Idol once again. After being the face of the reality show from season 2 to 6, the actor is back on the show after more than a decade. “It feels like it’s my first day,” he excitedly shared. To be launched over the weekend, Indian Idol 14 will see Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani and Kumar Sanu as judges.

Talking to us, Hussain shared that he is back in business after a long time and everything feels new. “Just meeting so many journalist friends and promoting my show, it feels like going back to school. However, I must add that it’s also very overwhelming. The makers informed me that fans are excited about my comeback, and that feels really good. I have only gratitude toward this love,” he shared.

As for the reality show, Hussain shared that he doesn’t see much of a difference. “Of course, the technology has improved and the talent is on a different level. As for my job, I feel now we can be a little more informal. Earlier things were a little formal between the host and the judges. I think it’s more warm now and that in turn would help audiences connect better with everyone. You will get to see the many shades of the judges, which you haven’t ever.”

They were one of the most successful host-combos of the singing reality show, and interestingly Mini recently confessed that she quit the show because the makers were ‘constructing’ reality on the show. In an appearance on Cyrus Broacha’s podcast, Mini said, “I called it quits only when I realised that now, there is no longer real reality. I did six seasons. After that, it was just a question of making money, but by then, the husband had started making money… But I really didn’t appreciate that reality had become constructed.” She also shared how as hosts, they were asked to ‘create moments’ with contestants, judges and even guests.

As we discussed the same with Hussain and asked about his experience, he smiled to say, “We are briefed about how the makers want to do something in the episode. That’s our job. The contestants there are all by themselves and going through all kinds of emotions. As the reality TV team keeps talking to them, they come to know about certain things and figure out something that can be done. Be it a phone call with their parents, a makeover, or their loved ones walking onto the stage. We are asked to moderate that because if not done well, you could lose the moment. A lot of things, however, are real as you don’t know how the other person would react.”

In recent times, reality shows have been at the receiving end as a section of the audience feels that episodes are dedicated mostly to gimmicks than performances. “I don’t know. I am doing this after eight years,” Hussain laughed when asked to comment on the same. However, he added, “Everything is changing with time and some people also enjoy the fun part. As for me, my intention is to never hurt anyone. I improvise and try to make the episode entertaining. It’s the 14th season of the show, so you can understand how people do like watching it. If this is what is getting numbers, you cannot ignore it. Also, we know that we cannot keep everyone happy but we want everyone to always send us their feedback.”

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