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Ragi and Your Health

Ragi, often referred to as finger millet, is a healthy grain that is frequently eaten in baked products, porridge, and flatbreads. It is an excellent supplement to many diets because of its high fiber, protein, vitamin, and mineral content.

There isn’t much data to support the idea that ragi directly influences thyroid hormones in terms of thyroid health. But because ragi is a goitrogenic diet, it includes substances that, in high concentrations, may interfere with thyroid function. These substances have the ability to prevent iodine from being absorbed, which is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormone.

It is typically advised that people with thyroid problems limit their intake of goitrogenic foods and make sure they are getting enough iodine from other sources, such as dairy products, seafood, iodized salt, and iodine-rich plants like seaweed.

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