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Ageing theory

Anurag Kashyap, when he began dating his assistant Shubhra Shetty. Every possible headline about the filmmaker’s latest relationship screamed Shetty’s age.  The idea had been seeded. You know, that ‘22-year-old’ girl is dating a ‘42-year-old’ guy. Haw!

Milind Soman too was awarded his share of ageist headlines. ‘Milind, 52, is dating 18 or 21-year-old’ girl.The country’s most good looking celebrity and a girl, who evidently shares his interest – fitness and travel. We have expressed a collective ‘haw’ over Soman’s declaration of love for his girlfriend. We have trolled him, called him names and also cast aspersions on the girl’s character. Secretly, all men would have killed to find out Soman’s secret formula to retaining his hotness. What really bothers most men is the fact that, here is a guy, a former super model, who at 52, still has women swooning over him.

Especially at the age when most Indian men are working out their daughter’s foreign education or wedding plans, or going for therapy to battle mid-life crisis or EMIs.Unless you grew up in the 80s and 90s, it is very difficult to understand what the image of a butt naked Milind Soman (and Madhu Sapre) can do to your imagination.

As long as getting offended remains our favourite past time, we need the likes of Milind Soman to show us how to do cool.

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