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Riteish Deshmukh shares his plans for Makar Sakranti with kids Riaan and Rahyl

Festivals are a part and parcel of our culture and even amidst the pandemic and the age of social-distancing, we  still manage to celebrate certain festivals with our close and dear ones. Today is Makar Sakranti, a very auspicious day when people fly kites and even eat tilgul which is a signature sweet attached to the festival made out of sesame seeds.

Riteish Deshmukh

Today Riteish Deshumkh shared everything under the sun about the festival and speaking about his childhood memories, the actor said, “My father (former Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh) hailed from Latur where they didn’t emphasise so much on flying kites on that day, so I learnt it from my peers in Mumbai. We used to stay at a government bungalow by the sea. As soon as I’d come home from school, I would rush to the terrace hoping to find kites that have been cut by manjha. My friends would also come over to fly kites, but more than flying them, we would be busy chasing kites that would come crashing into our space.”

Speaking about his kids Riaan and Rahyl and what he would teach them, he says, “My kids are at the age where they will understand the activity. Last year, we did try our hands at it, but this year, I am going all out to teach them to make kites and fly them.” The actor is excited about the festival and the tilgul sweets. He says even his kids love tilgul ladoos. Now sweets and festivals are synonymous in India and that’s the best way to enjoy the festival.

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