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Ma Anand Sheela opens up about Priyanka Chopra playing her in a film

Ma Anand Sheela shot to fame after the documentary Wild, Wild West aired on a popular streaming platform. Now, the former aide of spiritual leader Osho is the subject of a new documentary called Searching For Sheela which is being produced by Shakun Batra. According to media reports, there’s another project in the works about Ma Anand Sheela starring Priyanka Chopra in the lead role.

Ma Anand Sheela and Priyanka Chopra

“That’s a separate show that Priyanka has been working on. People want to tell this story, and I can see why everyone is so keen, and I’m sure everyone has their own take on it,” Batra told a popular film website. On being asked about Chopra’s casting Sheela had this to say: “I’m a bad judge on that issue. I have no ability to judge someone in the film role. Only thing I would say is I have been natural and Shakun (Batra) will have a hard task of looking for someone natural.”

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