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Aamir Khan says he has not given up on his film on Mahabharat: ‘You’re not making a film, you’re doing a yagna’

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan – Zaa News

In his career spanning four decades, Aamir Khan has witnessed quite a few ups and downs. While he celebrates the successes, he holds his failures ‘close to his heart’, as he says, because they have all taught him some invaluable lessons. He also mentioned his hesitancy about discussing his 2018 big-budget film Thugs Of Hindostan, which emerged as a dud at the box office.

In a recent interview, Aamir was asked about the new level of heft in his films, having reached there after starting as a romantic lead. He joked at first, “Are you talking about Thugs Of Hindostan? Just kidding.” When the interview said that they would talk about Thugs in time, Aamir quickly said, “I’d rather not.”

When asked about his dream project, Mahabharata, Aamir Khan said, “When you’re making Mahabharat, you’re not making a film, you’re doing a yagna. It’s not a film, it’s much deeper than that. So I’m not ready for that. I’m afraid to bring it out in the fore. Mahabharat will never let you down, you might let it down.” Explaining further on how sometimes his calculations have gone wrong, Aamir said, “I give a lot of thought to what went wrong. See a film that doesn’t work, is an opportunity. You learn exactly where it’s gone wrong. Wherever I am today, is because of my failure and not my success. I hold my failures close to my heart, because those are the ones have struggled the most. But they teach you a lot. So I value my failures a lot.” He added that he hopes that his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha will touch people’s hearts and resonate with the audience.

Considering Bollywood is going through a rather rough patch at the box office, Aamir had earlier expressed his worry about the film’s eventual outcome. During his appearance on Koffee With Karan, Aamir said that he was rather ‘stressed’ about the film, and hoped that it would work at the box office, saying that if it didn’t, he would be rather heartbroken. He said that while he knows that director Advait Chandan had done a commendable job with the film, it has increased his nervousness further. He said, “We are excited that we have made a good film, lekin agar film logon ko pasand nahin aayi, bahut dil toot jaayega (If people don’t like it, we will be heartbroken).”

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