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Kangana Ranaut claims to have superpowers after predicting the demise of former Twitter executives: ‘Some people call it witchcraft…’

Kangana Ranaut was permanently banned from Twitter in 2021

Ever since Elon Musk‘s controversial takeover of Twitter, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has been hoping that her suspended Twitter account is reactivated. The actor has been posting on Instagram stories about how she’s missing her “Twitter friends,” who have been sharing memes about her getting back on the social media platform, after the change in its leadership.

Kangana was permanently suspended from Twitter last year, after she posted a series of tweets in reaction to the West Bengal assembly election results. A Twitter spokesperson had said that her account was suspended “for repeated violation of Twitter  Rules specifically out Hateful Conduct Policy and Abusive Behaviour policy.”

Immediately after the takeover was complete, Elon Musk fired several top Twitter executives, including Parag Agrawal, who served as CEO of Twitter for almost a year. Kangana made Agrawal’s firing a personal victory, and posted a story on Instagram sharing that she had predicted this long ago. She wrote, “I always predict things that are yet to happen in distant future… Some call my foresight X-rays, some call them my curses and some call it witchcraft… For how long are we going to dismiss a woman’s genius like this…”

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