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When Anupam Kher’s mother mistook her brother-in-law for Dilip Kumar, she remarked, ‘Main toh pagal ho gai.’

Anupam Kher with mother Dulari.

Veteran actor Anupam Kher has started a new chat show called ‘Manzilen Aur Bhi Hain’, in which he will not only host actors and other celebrities from the film industry, but also iconic figures from different walks of life. And through his conversations with them, he will learn who they succeeded in life.

In the first episode of his show, the actor interviewed his mother Dulari Kher. She opened up about their life before Anupam became an actor. In the fun chat, Dulari opened up about how she once mistook her brother-in-law for late actor Dilip Kumar. She revealed, “When Narayan ji came home, I removed my veil. I asked why has Dilip Kumar come to our house? He looked amazing. The way he came… main toh pagal ho gai (I went berserk). I was very fond of movies.”

“Then the maid told me in hushed tone, ‘He is not Dilip Kumar, he is her husband’. I said ‘What rubbish’! I didn’t put my veil back. Maine kaha, ‘Dilip Kumar aaya hai, main kyu ghunghat rakhu’ (I said why would I cover my face in front of Dilip Kumar). My sister-in-law asked me to bow my head in obeisance. I asked, ‘Why should I bow my head for him?’ I kept staring at him thinking kaha ye aur kaha ye (she is out of his league),” Dulari added with a grin.

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