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Anupam Mittal loses his cool at Aman Gupta’s title ‘Amazon ka raja’, telling him, ‘Bakwaas karoge toh…’

In Tuesday’s episode of Shark Tank India 2, Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta exchanged words. Anupam said that Aman says things only to counter him and doesn’t even understand what he is saying.

Anupam Mittal once again lost his cool on Shark Tank India 2.

The second season of reality TV show Shark Tank India is not short on drama. Like many previous episodes, Tuesday’s episode of the show, in which entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to get funding, had judge Anupam Mittal losing his cool and calling out fellow judge Aman Gupta for boasting about himself.

The episode began with founders Sayyam and Sunny Jain pitching their skincare brand, which blends ayurveda with science. They asked for Rs 60 lakh for 2% equity. Aman began the conversation by enquiring about their background, how they met and what led to them starting the business. After a detailed conversation about the product and themselves, Namita Thapar refused to offer them deal as she is a solo investor in a skincare brand which came to the show last season. She said that this would be a conflict of interest.

Amit Jain couldn’t understand the product and felt the pitchers failed to explain important details. Peyush Bansal came on board and extended an offer of Rs 60 lakh for 10% equity. Anupam said he will join Peyush and both of them will give Rs 30 lakh each. Aman presented a counter-offer while promising the founders that he will help them grow their business on Amazon and Flipkart. He said, “Amazon aur Flipkart ka raja toh main hun (I am the king of Flipkart and Amazon).”

Aman’s offer and reasoning both irked Anupam. He immediately retorted, and said, “Ye Amazon ka raja waja chodo. This is like boasting about yourself (You don’t have to say things like this). If you want a technology like Cureskin, I can help you because I’ve understood it very well and our business is related to technology.” While he was trying to convince Sayyam and Sunny, Aman interrupted him. He took a dig at Anupam, and said, “Many of the businesses must have shut down which they are working on.”

The argument didn’t end there. Anupam continued, “He doesn’t know what he is talking about, you can think about the offer and come back, he is just replying as he wants to counter.” This left Aman irritated, and he said, “Haan bhai sahab ko he sab pata hai, hum toh nadan bande hain (yeah, only he knows everything, we are very naïve).” Namita was having fun as the two fought with each other.

Anupam and Aman looked at each other in anger and the former ended the conversation by saying, “Bakwaas karoge toh yahi realise hoga (If you will talk nonsense, you will realise this only)”.

After their argument, the pitchers talked with each other and changed their ask. They said they are ready to give 5% equity for Rs 1 crore. Aman offered them Rs 60 lakh for 4% equity and Peyush told them he is ready to offer the same. Eventually, the pitchers decided to take Aman’s offer.

Shark Tank India airs on Sony TV from Monday to Friday at 10 pm. It also streams on SonyLIV.

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