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How to Develop Your Child’s Creativity: Thinking the Right Way

The aim should be developing confidence in kids and ensuring a holistic development coordinating with their cerebral capacity. This poses the question of how to help kids the right way. 

How to develop your Child’s Creativity

With increasing number of applicants and limited seats in premier institutes, parents try to prepare their children from a young age. In the race to get their children to the best college, job and career parents often start early. They go as far as introducing complex concepts of mathematics and biology at a young age which is doing more damage than good. This method of teaching complex issues at an early age has no backing by any research, quite the opposite, research indicates that this can be damaging for a child’s cognitive ability leading to anxiety around studying and grave issues such as developing ADHD later in life. This practice is counterproductive as the mind is not developed enough to understand the abstract concepts and make connections which are required to understand these complex problems. The students if even learns these concepts under parental pressure, it is just rote memorization and not actual understanding of the subject. 

The aim should be developing confidence in kids and ensuring a holistic development coordinating with their cerebral capacity. This poses the question of how to help kids the right way. 

In order to prevent kids from burning out at a young age and enabling their creativity to fully develop, it is important that they be given the freedom to develop analytical thinking using concepts they already are learning in their school curriculum. Using high order thinking skills is essential to leading a fruitful career. These skills are needed to make connections between concepts and come up with creative solutions to problems. Kids start developing higher-order thinking skills by the age of 7-11. Problem solving skills cannot be developed with traditional education alone. It requires for a child to apply the concepts practically, to see how various elements interact with each other and explore different possibilities. According to the study by Richard Herrnstein, students who engage in critical thinking problems tend to have improved language comprehension, IQ, and creativity. 

These skills can be developed with the help of Olympiads. Olympiads are exams designed for students wherein they compete with students from other schools in a region or nation on the similar level of education in a particular academic subject. It helps in introducing students to competitive exams in a healthy way and developing a positive approach towards their subject. When students are engaged in applying the core concepts of a subject to a variety of problems, their analytical and thinking ability gets honed. They shift the focus from mugging up concepts to the practical application. Developing analytical thinking at a young age is crucial in gaining problem-solving skills. 

Keeping in mind the potentially harmful effects of overburdening children with complex concepts, Disha Publication’s Olympiad Champ series provides the ideal balanced solutions to parents for their children. Disha’s Olympiad Champ series is unlike others in the genre, they are focused on application of existing knowledge to a wide range of problems. Instead of introducing concepts that are difficult to grasp for kids of the age, these books concentrate on building a strong conceptual foundation and then developing on it by applying that knowledge. It not only helps to prepare for school exams in a better way but also familiarize students with practical application of their knowledge. They prepare students for school exams and Olympiads in one go, developing their reasoning and general knowledge skills without being a burden. Disha Olympiad Champ books are available for classes 1 to 8 for 6 subjects – Maths, Science, English, Logical Reasoning, GK and Cyber.

An hour every day with Disha Olympiad champ series not only engages your child but also lays a strong foundation for School and Competitive exams. 

Rest assured with Disha Olympiad Champ series for class 1 to 8, your kid is not only engaged but preparing for their future also! 

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