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Shah Rukh Khan pulls a fan aside and bans him from snapping a photo out of frustration

As he pushed a fan away from him as they were leaving the Mumbai airport, Shah Rukh Khan appeared to be in a hurry.

A video of Shah Rukh Khan seemingly pushing a fan away as they tried to approach him for a selfie is being shared online. The otherwise gracious SRK, who has often spoken warmly of his fans and their contribution in making him a superstar, appeared to have little patience for one of his admirers on this occasion.

The incident happened at the Mumbai airport, as Shah Rukh was exiting with his manager, Pooja Dadlani. He wasn’t accompanied by his personal bodyguard this time, but was surrounded by a group of security personnel. Videos of the incident show Shah Rukh exiting the terminal, wearing an all-black ensemble, as a fan approached him with their phone held out, presumably for a selfie. Shah Rukh stopped the fan from coming near him by blocking them with his arm.

The entire time, the paparazzi kept calling out to him, yelling “Shah Rukh bhai!” and “Khan sahab.” But Shah Rukh kept walking towards his white car, before climbing inside and leaving. People weren’t impressed by Shah Rukh’s behaviour. One person commented on Instagram, “Celebrity hai bhagwan nahin,” while another person tut-tutted about how fans had turned up in droves to make Shah Rukh’s latest film, Pathaan, a blockbuster.

Shah Rukh has often spoken about the importance of his fans. He regularly makes appearances on an outer enclosure at his Mumbai house Mannat, where he greets thousands of fans on important occasions such as birthdays and festivals. To promote Pathaan, which ended up grossing over Rs 1000 crore globally, Shah Rukh and his team deployed a fan-first marketing tactic, focusing on fan interactions over media interviews.

In 2016, Shah Rukh starred in the thriller film Fan, in which he played a superstar who was stalked by a crazed admirer, also played by SRK.

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