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Citadel left Anand Mahindra “unmoved,” yet he praises Priyanka Chopra, saying, “She puts most of our male action heroes in the shade.”

Anand Mahindra expressed his dissatisfaction with the first two episodes of Citadel on social media, but he could not help but praise Priyanka Chopra.

Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra, on Tuesday, took to Twitter to laud ‘Fauji brat’ Priyanka Chopra for her performance in Citadel. The Amazon Prime Video series, also starring Richard Madden, dropped the first two episodes on Friday. Created by the Russo Brothers, the show has been receiving a lukewarm response from fans given they had a lot of expectations from the drama series.

In his tweet, Anand Mahindra mentioned how he was ‘unmoved’ by Citadel’s first two episodes, however, found Priyanka was a revelation. Stating that she can put most action stars in shade, he added how the now global star is living life on her own terms.

“Caught the first episodes of Citadel over the weekend. Was left unmoved by the typical Russo brothers OTT plot but seeing @priyankachopra as an action hero was a revelation. She puts most of our male action heroes in the shade. Fauji brats are famous for being ambitious & adaptive & she fits that bill. You have to hand it to her: she is clearly living life on her own terms & taking on the world, one step at a time. More power to her…,” his tweet read.

Recently, Anand Mahindra had requested SS Rajamouli to make a movie based around the Indus Valley civilisation. Sharing illustrations from that period on Twitter, Anand tagged Rajamouli in his tweet as he asked him to consider his request. “These are amazing illustrations that bring history alive & spark our imagination. Shoutout to @ssrajamouli to consider a film project based on that era that will create global awareness of that ancient civilisation…” read his tweet.

Rajamouli was quick to react to his post. He wrote that he indeed had once thought about making a feature based around the topic but was unable to do complete research as he was not allowed to visit Mohenjo Daro: “Yes sir… While shooting for Magadheera in Dholavira, I saw a tree so ancient that it turned into a fossil. Thought of a film on the rise and fall of Indus valley civilization, narrated by that tree!! Visited Pakistan few years later. Tried so hard to visit Mohenjo Daro. Sadly, was denied permission.”

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