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Everything you should know about the impending Galaxy Watch upgrade from One UI 5 Watch

Users of the Galaxy Watch 5 series and Galaxy Watch 4 series will be the first to test the One UI 5 Watch through a beta programme.

Samsung has announced the next iteration of the software that powers its Galaxy Watch lineup. One UI 5 Watch brings a number of improvements, particularly around three major categories – sleep, activity tracking, and user safety.

Improved sleep management

One UI 5 Watch lays a greater emphasis on understanding sleep patterns, forming healthy habits, and creating an optimised sleep environment for users’ sleep, according to Samsung.

Galaxy Watches on this version will now also provide various tips for a good night’s sleep, such as such as avoiding caffeine six hours before bedtime and basking in the morning sun, which were previously only available on Galaxy smartphones. The Sleep Insight UI has also been improved to display the user’s sleep score at the top of the screen.

Personalised fitness features

The One UI 5 Watch also offers personalised fitness features based on the user’s heart rate range. Users can measure their cardiorespiratory capacity, which includes maximum oxygen uptake (VO10max) and personalised heart rate zones based on aerobic and anaerobic thresholds after two minutes of running. This feature enables users to select the heart rate zone that suits their purpose and exercise.

In addition, the Galaxy Watch has enhanced its GPS route guidance function to include running and walking, which makes it more convenient for users to exercise while checking their location.

Enhanced safety features

One UI 5 Watch has also improved user safety features, including an emergency SOS feature. If a user presses the home button of the Galaxy Watch five times in a row during an emergency, an emergency number such as 119 will be automatically called. Moreover, the OS provides a button on the Galaxy Watch screen to directly access the user’s medical information during a rescue call to an emergency number.

Release date

One UI 5 Watch will be piloted for Galaxy Watch 5 series and Galaxy Watch 4 series users through a beta program in the US and South Korea via the Samsung Members app later this month. After the beta program is complete, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Watch 6 with One UI 5 out of the box in the second half of the year.

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