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Doctors informed Hrithik Roshan that owing to a “very bad” injury, he “cannot” dance and had to change shoes in each scene of the Bang Bang song.

Hrithik Roshan recently described how, despite suffering a severe knee injury, he was still able to perfect the dance moves for the title song of his 2014 action comedy Bang Bang.

Actor Hrithik Roshan is popular among cinephiles not just for his acting chops, but also his dancing skills. However, had the actor taken the advice of his doctor, he would not have given hit dance numbers like, ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’, ‘It’s Magic’, ‘Main Aisa Kyun Hun’ and ‘Bang Bang’.

Hrithik suffers from Scoliosis (an abnormal curvature of the spine) and his doctor told him he cannot dance. Recently, the Vikram Vedha actor told Bollywood Hungama, “Doctor had told me that I cannot dance because of the Scoliosis I had. They scared me.” But Hrithik turned his disadvantage into an advantage and ‘learnt hacks’ to dance despite the condition of his spine.

Hrithik narrated how he managed to perfect his steps in the title track of his 2014 action-comedy Bang Bang despite a a bad knee injury. He shared, “There is a step in Bang Bang in which I am going backwards. That step, I was not at my best. I learnt that everything matters, the shoe, the floor, the friction. So, I used to then test with which shoe and on which floor can I get the right amount of friction that I leap more and stop well.”

The actor continued, “For that, I changed nine pairs of shoes. I had taken all my shoes from my house and spray painted all of them black. For each step I did, I wore a particular shoe which made that particular step easier on my knees because they were injured very very badly. So, to get that smoothness out, I use all of these tactics. It just worked out.”

Though Hrithik has given a hit dance number in every film that he has featured in, his favourite will always be the dance he did as Rohit in the superhit film Koi… Mil Gaya. “Nothing can beat dancing like Rohit (Koi Mil Gaya). When I danced like Rohit, I felt free. It was the pure joy of movement. It was like do whatever you want and do it with that attitude of Rohit,” Hrithik said.

Hrithik Roshan was last seen in Vikram Vedha along with Saif Ali Khan. The film couldn’t get the audience to the theaters but Hrithik is in love with his character of Vedha. He said he wishes someone would just make a spinoff on Vedha.

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