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PM Modi Questions Congress on Nehru’s ‘My Heart Goes Out’ Statement about Northeast

During the 1962 China attack, Nehru abandoned them to their destiny, stated PM Modi as he discussed his administration’s dedication to the northeastern region, particularly Manipur.

In a screen capture, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) is observed on a television screen as he addresses the lower house Lok Sabha in New Delhi on August 10, 2023, responding to the Opposition’s no-confidence motion against the NDA government. On August 10, dozens of opposition MPs walked out of India’s parliament while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was defending his record during a three-day no-confidence debate, as depicted in television images. (Photo by ARUN SANKAR / AFP)(AFP)

As a response to the no-confidence motion presented by the INDIA alliance, PM Modi discussed Manipur on Thursday. He mentioned two past incidents, both attributed to the Congress. “The first one occurred on March 5, 1966. The Congress employed its Air Force to attack the people of Mizoram. The Congress needs to clarify whether it was the Air of another country. Were the Mizoram residents not citizens of my nation? Was their security not the country’s responsibility?” PM Modi stated. Read | Two ‘I’s in I.N.D.I.A stand for…: PM Modi says Congress name, symbol ‘stolen’

“Even today, the memory of that day remains vivid in Mizoram, as there has been no attempt to mend that wound. And who was in power then? Indira Gandhi. The Congress concealed this,” PM Modi added, noting that the Congress shattered the northeast’s trust. “That wound resurfaces in various ways,” PM Modi explained. Read | ‘Bharat Mata’ apparently unparliamentary word: Rahul Gandhi on his expunged remarks in LS

“In 1962, during China’s attack on India, when the nation expected the government to protect them, Nehru said in his radio broadcast, ‘my heart goes out to the people of Assam.’ This was the situation. Nehru’s radio speech still haunts people, recalling how he left them to their fate,” PM Modi said.

Northeast is not a piece of land: PM Modi on Manipur “The current situation in Manipur is being portrayed as if the problems emerged recently. If anyone is accountable for this, it is the Congress. The responsibility does not lie with the people of the northeast,” PM Modi expressed.

“There was a period in Manipur when Mahatma Gandhi’s photograph was prohibited in government departments. Who held power at that time?” PM Modi inquired as NDA MPs responded with ‘Congress’. “Their sympathy and concern are selective. They do not consider the country or humanity. Their sympathy starts and ends with politics,” PM Modi emphasized, mentioning that bandhs and blockades have become history in Manipur.

“There are grave crimes against women, and these are indefensible. Both state and central governments are making every effort to ensure the strictest punishment for the culprits. I assure the people that peace will be reinstated in Manipur in the near future,” PM Modi affirmed, urging the opposition to collaborate with the government.

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