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Ranbir Kapoor recalls being ‘whacked’ by his school principal: ‘That slap is still ringing in my ear’

Ranbir Kapoor shared that even though he never got caught cheating, he once tried to get out of class and was caught by the principal.

Actor Ranbir Kapoor has played several characters where he has pulled off onscreen pranks on his characters. In real life too, Ranbir was just as naughty. Calling himself a “great copier”, the actor said that while he was never caught cheating in school, there was one incident when he tried to sneak out of an ongoing class, only to get caught by the principal.

In a conversation on Hauser’s YouTube channel, Ranbir went down memory lane to remember the incident. He said, “I think I was a great copier so I never got caught copying but I remember this one instance that I was in the seventh grade or eighth grade where I was crawling out of my class while the class was going on and while I was crawling the principle came and stood in front of me and I got the beating of my life, like he really whacked me and I still remember like us thappad ki goonj mere kaano mein abhi bhi sunayi deti hai. I still remember that moment. (The echo of that slap still resounds in my ears.)”

Ranbir, who will soon be seen in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial Animal, is known for his nuanced acting and when he is not acting, he is often spotted playing football in Mumbai with his fellow actor-friends. Ranbir said that his love for football started back in school and that his mother, actor Neetu Kapoor still has the paper cut-out of the first time he scored a goal during a school competition and got a mention in the newspaper.

“My true calling was football. So, when I was selected for the football team, I was in the sixth grade and I remember that in our competition I scored a goal, and on the back page of The Times of India, all the interschool scorers’ names used to come,” recalled the actor.

“So the first time my name came in the newspaper it was because I scored a goal and I remember my mum had cut the newspaper and she still has it. I think it was one of the biggest moments I still cherish,” he shared.

Ranbir will soon be seen in Animal, which stars Anil Kapoor as his onscreen father. The movie highlights the toxic father-son relationship and how it shapes his character in times to come. The movie also stars Rashmika Mandanna.

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