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The DGCA fined Air India Rs 1.10 crore for safety infractions.

Air India has been fined ₹1.10 crore for safety violations related to multiple cases of flight anomalies. The safety infractions occurred on particular long-range terrain sensitive routes, according to the DGCA. IndiGo was fined ₹1.20 million for allowing passengers to eat meals on the tarmac during one flight. Jyotiraditya Scindia, the civil aviation minister, sharply condemned the event, calling it unacceptable.

However, an Air India representative stated, “We disagree with the order issued by the DGCA.” Air India extensively investigated the problems presented, together with other experts, and concluded that there was no compromise on safety. We are thoroughly reviewing the ruling and will consider our alternatives, including the ability to appeal and file a complaint with the regulator.”

Due to the fog, some flights were delayed or cancelled, causing havoc at certain airports. Scindia previously commented on the pandemonium, saying, “There are natural occurrences over which we have no control. Natural calamities occur all throughout the world. We’ve had a few of really nasty fog days in Delhi. As you are all aware, each civil aviation ecosystem includes certain base stations. When the base station is disrupted by weather or another issue, it sets off a chain reaction of terrible delays and cancellations across the whole system.”

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