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Women’s empowerment was highlighted at India’s 75th Republic Day.

India’s path to becoming a republic includes numerous movements and stakeholders that fought for a progressive agenda. The allusions to justice, liberty, and equality in the Constitution’s Preamble were intended to reflect the ideals of freedom fighters and social reformers. Feminist groups in pre-independence India played an important role in ensuring that women’s rights were protected under the Constitution. Unfortunately, their contribution in founding the republic is undervalued.

The most obvious example is the right to vote. It is frequently stated that women were “granted” this privilege simultaneously with males. This is inaccurate and overlooks the collaborative work of female activists.

Over 100 women artists led the march for the first time, playing Indian musical instruments such as Sankh, Naadswaram, and Nagada in place of typical military bands.

For the first time, an all-female tri-services contingent marched in the parade. The Indian Air Force’s fly-past included fifteen women pilots. The Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) also had contingents made up entirely of women.

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