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Wiz Khalifa to perform in India this month

American hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa is all set to land in Goa for Time Out 72. Wiz Khalifa says, “I’m excited to visit India. I am keeping an open mind and going to embrace the culture as soon as I land. I am looking forward to meeting the people and my fans. I love travelling to be closer to my fans. India is huge market for international artists and the fans are awesome.”

He adds, “I started to learn to play the drums, and then I soon discovered rave and hardcore/Jungle and so I got into making music using samples and stuff, this was around 1994. By the time I was 18 I was DJ-ing to crowds at university and I just followed it all from there.”

Talking about the electronic music genre in the UK, he says, “In a lot of countries around the world you see ‘electronic’ as a kind of umbrella genre, like EDM for example, but in the UK it’s very different. We have a clear separation between things like garage, techno, house, drum ‘n bass and experimental, in terms of events, cultural groups and class difference also comes into play (sadly).”

“I think in a way that clear separation has also been challenged a lot more in recent years with people mixing up styles into something harder to define, and created their own identities using aspects of those styles in different ways, that’s something that interests me a lot, the kind of ‘gaps between the styles’.”


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