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How does VVPAT function and what is it?

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail is referred to as VVPAT. Voters can utilize this technique in electronic voting systems to confirm that the electronic voting machine (EVM) accurately registered their vote. This is how it operates:

When a voter uses an electronic voting machine, the VVPAT system creates a paper slip with the name, party symbol, and distinct serial number of the selected candidate.

The written information on the paper slip may be visually verified by the voter to make sure it corresponds with their intended selection. This gives the voting process an extra degree of confidence and openness.

The paper slip is placed into a sealed container within the electronic voting system once the voter has confirmed their vote.

The tangible record of the votes cast is kept on the paper slips that are kept within the electronic voting machine. These paper trails can be used to confirm the computerized tally in the event of a disagreement or recount.

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