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Vijaya Mulay film historian, educationist passes away

Vijaya Mulay passed away on Sunday. Born on May 16, 1921, Mulay founded the Delhi Film Society in 1959, and later on became a joint secretary of the Federation of Film Societies. Vijaya Mulay was not only a film historian but a respected educationist and an influential writer. In 1975, Mulay was asked to head the Center for Educational technology in order to prepare educational films which were to be broadcast in four languages across 2400 villages.

Vijaya Mulay’s daughter, actor Suhasini Mulay said, “It was just about old age. She was 98. She had no illnesses of an ageing person. Her blood pressure was fine. Her heartbeat was fine. She didn’t have diabetes or anything like that. But as she grew older, she became weaker and was eating less. She called me on the morning of May 10 and told me that she was not feeling well at all. We took her to Escorts hospital, where she was admitted for four days.

She had made it very clear that she did not want anything invasive done to her. She said that she lived a full and happy life and did not want to be kept alive by a ventilator or anything. Then we brought her home on May 14, and she was with us till May 19. At 4.45 pm, she passed away. She was not in pain, and it was an easy passage.

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