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Fans of Bigg Boss are expressing their concern over Salman Khan’s apparent disinterest in the show and criticizing his lackluster expressions. They believe that since he is being paid for his role as the host, he should put in more effort and dedication.

Salman Khan fans are disappointed with his lack of interest in hosting Bigg Boss. Some worry about his health, others want to know why he doesn’t care anymore.

Bigg Boss and Salman Khan have become synonymous with each other over the years. While the reality show had various hosts, including veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan, it was Salman who brought unmatched attention and high TRPs to the show. However, lately, some of his fans are expressing disappointment, believing that he no longer seems interested in Bigg Boss and is hosting it merely for financial gain.

Currently hosting the second season of Bigg Boss OTT, which streams on JioCinema, Salman has been the show’s host since 2010, starting from season 4. Fans are now saying that he appears disinterested and lacking enthusiasm in the show, especially after season 14, which premiered in 2020.

A Reddit user raised concerns, noting that Salman seems to have lost his spark as a host, and the show’s quality has suffered as a result. They observed the absence of elements like dance entries, the jallad segment, and caller of the week. Many Redditors expressed their disappointment, questioning whether Salman’s health might be a contributing factor or if there are other reasons behind his apparent disinterest.

Some comments criticized Salman for his reduced screen time and perceived lack of effort in both Bigg Boss and his recent movies and home productions. However, others defended him, attributing the show’s repetitive format as a reason for the perceived drop in enthusiasm.

Bigg Boss is an Indian adaptation of the international reality show Big Brother. It has garnered significant popularity over the years, and Salman Khan’s hosting has been a major contributing factor to its success since the fourth season. Despite the current discussions, the show continues to hold a massive fan following and remains a highly watched reality show in India.

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