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Bigg Boss 17 contestant Vicky Jain says trolling he and Ankita Lokhande faced made them stronger: ‘What happened in the past…’

Bigg Boss 17 contestant Vicky Jain talks about entering the show with wife, actor Ankita Lokhande and putting his relationship on a public platform.

Before entering Bigg Boss 17, Vicky Jain sounded excited and eager to play the game. What added to his joy was that his wife Ankita Lokhande was also going with him. One of the celebrity couples in the Salman Khan-hosted show, while Ankita has been keeping her cards close to her chest, Vicky has gone all out to show his fun side, even indulging in pranks with other contestants.

Before entering the show, the businessman spoke to us sharing how he convinced Ankita to be on Bigg Boss, something that she has been avoiding for many years. “We both are also fans of the show and watch it religiously. I told her that rather than sitting at home and getting invested in what’s happening in the house, we should be there. It was time for us to be here and play the game inside. Us being on the show is purely out of our love for Bigg Boss.”

Vicky said that the couple wants to stay in the game till the end and hopes that host Salman Khan will hold their hands at the finale and announce either of them as the winner. “Honestly, that’s our desire but we haven’t really given it much of a thought. We want to take each day as it comes. But yes, we want to be the ones switching off the lights on the final days,” he said. The entrepreneur added that they both would be playing an ‘individual game’ but if someone attacks their marital status, they would not wait to fight back.

It’s been just two years since Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain got married. When asked if there are any fears of putting their relationship on a public platform, he replied, “Our relationship has always been in the public eye. Especially when you are involved in the entertainment industry, everything is out in the open. Ankita has always been an open book and fans know everything about us. So there is no fear. As for our marital bond, I think we want to move ahead organically. Yes, the camera would be on us 24X7 but we cannot be worrying about that right now. All I can say is that whatever happens, we will never let the passion of the game die.”

Ever since the world got to know about Ankita Lokhande dating Vicky Jain, the couple has faced massive trolling for various reasons. Sharing that the past incidents have made them stronger in every sense. He added that they have already crossed all the challenges that life threw upon them. “Also, what has happened is way in the past. I think people have also gotten bored of it. But even if we come to face any new challenge, we will face it head-on.” Vicky shared.

He added like most families, the couple has been warned by friends and loved ones to not fight. He shared that they have been told to be real, as that can only take them ahead in the game. Referring to the theme this season, Vicky Jain concluded that while he is a ‘dil’ (heart) person, he knows that when ‘dimag’ (brain) is also used, that makes you dumdaar (stronger).

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