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Naomi Campbell wants to hold masterclass for Indian girls

To pass on the knowledge that she has gained over the years, Supermodel and social activist Naomi Campbell has shown interest in doing a masterclass with Indian girls.

“I plan to come back to India next year and the year after. I would like to do a masterclass with young girls, not just for those who want to be models but to boost confidence.
“I would want to share the knowledge that I have learnt and would like to pass it on,” Campbell, 47, said while speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here on Friday.

“When I was doing yoga in England, it wasn’t clicking. I couldn’t understand the mind, body and spirit part. I shut my phone and went to Kerala. I learnt yoga in 2012. It was such an amazing experience. I felt the peace and calm. I was a late bloomer to yoga,” she said.
Yoga, in fact, helped her to get rid of her short temper.
Talking about her strength, she said: “I get my physical and mental strength from my mother. My life with her was minimal. Since she was a ballerina, I was raised by a nanny. My mother sacrificed a lot for me.”

Asked about black models, she said: “I look up to Iman (Somali model-actress Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid). She is the most elegant woman I’ve seen.”
She also busted a few myths about models.
“It’s a myth that models are air heads or models shouldn’t speak. Everyone has a personality and your career extends if you have your own personality,” said Campbell, who joined the fashion industry when she was just a teenager.
On social media, she said: “I use my social platforms to stand up for causes I believe in, to support people. I don’t try to show personal things.”

“The current generation may be the Instagram girls, but my girls and I have enough pictures we could put up every day for the next 35 years.”
The model, who is “shocked” by the Libyan slavery trade expose, is also known for her philanthropic work.
But she says her work in philanthropy was “always private. It wasn’t for public adulation”. She also spoke about getting into philanthropy and meeting South African leader Nelson Mandela.

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