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Friends to release in theatres

There’s no reunion or a movie but the six fan favourites — Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross — are coming together for a re-run on account of its 25th anniversary. 12 iconic episodes of the popular NBC series will be specially screened over three nights of September 23, September 28 and October 2.

Over 1,000 theatres across the US will feature four episodes per night that have been newly re-mastered in 4K format from the original 35mm camera negative. The night of September 23 will showcase the pilot ‘ReDo’, followed by ‘The One With The Black Out’,
‘The One With The Birth’ and ‘The One Where Ross Finds Out’.

On October 2, episodes ‘The One With Chandler In A Box’, ‘The One With Ross’ Wedding – Part 2′, ‘The One Where Everyone Finds Out’ and ‘The One Where Ross Got High’ will be screened.

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