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The trailer of Rajnikanth’s new movie is released

Rajnikanth’s next movie Petta is all set for its release on January 10. The movie is a promise for Rajnikanth’s fans as it will bring the festive vibe of Pongal a few days early.

The trailer was released on friday and it promises the viewers of complete fun and entertainment. The trailer is of two and a half  minutes filled with fun. It starts with the building up of the hero before the grand entry of Rajnikanth.  It is a typical Rajnikanth set up movie wherein he is a new guy in town who makes the life of bad boys very tough. He is shown to have an extremely dark past.

While he is busy making life of those boys stressful, Kaali is living his life to the fullest with youngsters and also flirting with the character which is played by Simran.

This movie is surely a treat for all Rajnikanth fans and the perfect celebration idea ahead of Pongal.

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