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Here’s Yami Gautam’s reaction to woman divorcing her bald husband

Yami Gautam had an interesting reaction to a news article about a woman from Uttar Pradesh divorcing her husband after she discovered that he was bald. For those who do not know, Yami Gautam starred as a TikTok star in the Amar Kaushik directed film, Bala, where she was wooed into marrying Ayushmann Khurrana’s character on whom the film is based.

Yami Gautam

In the film, Bala is bald but hides the fact from Gautam’s character by wearing a wig. When she discovers his baldness, she leaves him.

Sharing the news article on Twitter, Gautam wrote “Oh God” and tagged Kaushik. Her fans joined in with their jokes and wisecracks in the comments. “I could not know that he was bald for almost a year, he never took off his wig. His family members knew but none of them told me about it. I feel humiliated before my friends. I cannot live with him any longer,” the woman from UP told a newspaper.

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